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Unfortunately violence and other illegal actions are sometimes an issue when going through divorce or other family law matters. The police will generally not get involved with certain issues and refer those back to family law courts as civil matters. When a protective order is in place, police will usually help to enforce them when needed.

A protective order is a civil court order usually issued to prevent continuing acts of family violence. They are provided to protect one party usually from family violence, threatening or harassing behavior, stalking, appearing at your place of work or home, appearing or going near schools or day care/child care establishments, and possessing a firearm.

In Texas, as in other states, protective orders are intended to protect individuals from abusive partners or others who may try to cause harm. Texas protective orders laws allow for both temporary (20 days maximum) and general (up to two years) protective orders, also referred to as "restraining orders." Violating a protective order can result in a jail sentence and/or fine.

If you are experiencing any type of abuse or are in a dangerous situation, do not hesitate to contact an attorney immediately.

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