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Almost all legal problems are complex and require a good, experienced attorney. Some people think they can represent themselves by finding forms online and simply filling them out. Web forms are not state specific and are definitely not specific when it comes to your personal legal issue. Attorney's usually have a minimum of 7-8 years of college (3-4 spent in law school) and have experience when it comes to the courtroom and with the judges. Each court has its own set of rules designated by the judge for that courtroom. An attorney will know what those rules are. Attorneys know how to offer strategic advice and apply sophisticated technical skills to each specific legal problem.

It is very important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after your legal issue arises. If you wait to contact attorney, you could miss important deadlines. If you are 'served' with legal papers, there is a deadline to respond. Not responding could lead to a judgment being placed against you or even jail time.

Most lawyers specialize in certain areas, there's simply too much to have to know to cover all areas of law. Attorney R. T. Willis specializes in the following areas:

Social Security Disability
Family Law
Criminal Law
Business Law
Real Estate Law

Attorneys work within the court's guidelines and timing. Most people think attorneys have control over when hearings are scheduled but the court sets all hearings. They can request certain dates but cannot guarantee anything as it ultimately is the court's decision.

Attorneys do not have a product to sell except for their legal expertise which is then charged by the hour for their time and their Paralegals are also billed by the hour. Attorneys have overhead expenses just like all businesses and must be paid. Most attorneys require a compensation fee up front and then bill you for anything additional that may go over the initial compensation fee if and when those charges are incurred. Attorneys also must charge for all out of pocket expenses as well.

The initial compensation fee is basically the same thing as a "down payment" and the attorney deducts from this fee as he works on your case. The initial compensation fee is non-refundable. If your case is one that is very complicated, you may be required to maintain a monthly compensation fee, so that the attorney will always be "on call" to handle your legal problems, this is keeping an attorney "on retainer" and is usually reserved for businesses.

Beware of attorneys giving free consultations. Attorneys should not advise you unless you hire them. Most reputable lawyers charge a fixed or hourly fee for an "initial consultation" — this is the first meeting where you and the attorney determine if they can assist you and if you have a legal case.

In order to make the most out of your initial consultation, make sure you bring all documents and anything you have that is of importance to your case. Attorneys need to hear clear and concise facts about your issue without a lot of "storytelling" so make notes and be prepared. Spend some time thinking about the kind of information and documentation that might be helpful, and about how you can logically explain your situation and answer questions.

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