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  • General Info for Our Records

Client Intake Forms

General - Probate, Civil, Business, etc.
Family Law Only
Tickets Only

Our client intake forms are for our office only and remain private. We use this information to input you into our system along with correct contact information. Please fill out and bring to your intial consulation.

  • Simple Wills
  • Texas Will Information

Simple Will Intake Forms

Simple Will Only (No POA, MD)
Simple Will Packet (Including POA, MD)

Simple Wills state you are leaving all of your belongings to a spouse - then children, or ONE person or a set of children. If you want to leave your estate to multiple individuals or groups, or you have bequests leaving certain items to certain people, you will need to fill out the Will or Will Packet. The Simple Will Intake is ony for Simple Will preparation, if you are also wanting a Power of Attorney along with Medical Directives please fill out the Packet.

 HIPAA Medical Release
  • Wills
  • Texas Will Information

Will Intake Forms

Will Only (No POA, MD)
Will Packet (Including POA, MD)

Our Will Intake is for preparation of a Will only. No Power of Attorney or Medical Directives will be included. The Will Packet includes the Will Intake, Medical Directive, Medical Power of Attorney, and General Power of Attorney.