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Enforcement requires taking someone back to court that violated a previous court order. This could be someone who was ordered to pay child support but has failed to do so, this could be someone that was ordered to move out of a house that failed to do so. Any number of things listed in a court order may be required to be enforced.

Court orders may be enforced by different means, including asking a judge to hold a person who violated the order"in contempt of court." A person found in contempt of court may be fined or placed in jail for the violation. Not all court orders are enforceable by contempt.

It is unrealistic to think that someone will instantly be thrown in jail because they failed to do something they were told not do to. On the other hand, a judge may throw someone in jail just for that reason. Attorneys cannot predict what will happen in any given circumstance because it is completely at the judge's discretion.

The following orders may be enforced by a family district court:

a. child support;
b. access/possession of a child (visitation);
c. property division; and
d. spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to as alimony although Texas is not an alimony state)

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